Hawaii’s Tomorrow Radio Show Guest Host

January 4, 2012

I switched companys for a third time in Sepember. The past company cheated me on a commission and I couldn’t “put it together”. I answered a radio  show ad from Jeff Davis, “The Solar Guy”, who sells solar and happens to host a daily radio program, as well as talking about  current issues dealing with Hawaii. He invited me to the station. After 3 months, he made me the producer. He left me in charge of his show while he is on a three week vacation, during which time, I will be hosting the show. I sit in the same seat as Michael Medved, (The Michael Medved Show), while Michael is vacationing in Hawaii. I also talked with Michael at The Chabad House. He signed his book, “The 5 lies about American Business”, which I’ve been talking about on the show. You can listen to the show by pressing the live streaming  button on the http://www.hawaiistomorrow.com/ website. The show is Monday through Friday from 5:00 PM until 6:00 PM, Pacific time.



  1. Political discussion on tomorrow”s show.

    • Chuck,
      Greetings from the East Coast of the Mainland.
      I have an opportunity for you to meet some of our Top income earners ($6-$7 figures annually) in our business. We are expanding on the Island and this may or mayn’t be for you.
      Are you interested in having a look?
      Call me at 321-821-7597 between 9-9 EST as soon as possible.
      If you prefer, you can email me your contact number and best time to have a 5 minute conversation
      With Respect,
      Tom McDonough

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