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Good News

May 28, 2010

    I gave my first presentation Thursday, and I came out with a signed contract. I have to be cautious, as I tend to write lots of orders, but have a high cancellation rate ( as high as 65%). My goals include 8 sales in a week, 3 in one day, and 3 installs in one day. I’m slowly learning how to price the systems and of course improve my presentation book.



May 23, 2010

    My pitch is OK for now. I need to work on pricing both the hot water and photovoltaic systems. I’m asking my co workers for help. we’ll see if  they can  help me. I’m set to give my first presentation on Thursday.


Something Positive

May 20, 2010

    I have to call a potential customer on Friday who wants both solar hot water and photovoltaic panels for his home. He seems excited. That commission would be over $5000, if it goes through. I also have two others in the works.

    Knocking on doors has not been as hard as I thought it would be.  Learning how to price the system is still a bit of a problem. It’s very difficult to make a sale without the price, going in the door.


Two Week Sales Update

May 12, 2010

    No sales yet. Still knocking on doors. My attitude is great.



May 4, 2010

OK. Now that I’ve been spewing to my boss and all the other salespeople in the company, what a great salesperson I am, I’ve made a commitment to my boss, and myself that I would have my first sale within 2 weeks. The onus is on me.