Death Of A Salesman ( Part Two)

April 15, 2010

    OK. We’re going to go into the tricky part of the sale which will distinguish the true salesperson from the imposter. We’ve established rapport, credibility, benefits and all the other good stuff. They’ve even agreed to the price. So it looks like we have a sale, right?  Wrong!                    

   Start out by getting  a commitment regarding all that they have agreed to at this point.  Fasten up your seatbelts , because now is when the real sales begins. All their major objections which they’ve been saving up for the opportune time will be coming fast and furious. Relax. Show them how they will pay for it, cash or financing. Assume they will finance it. If they decide to pay cash they will let you know it. When they object, bring them back to their commitment that they firmly established with you. Close after every objection. Keep these points in mind. Happy Selling.


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