How Much Is It?

April 4, 2010

    Generally speaking, this is the point in the sale where the customer wants you out of there. Needless to say, this is a critical part in the sales process.  They know that once given the price, your services are no longer needed. Care must be taken whenever the price is asked. When asked early in the presentation, your best response would be  to let them know first, that they need to know what they are paying for. If that isn’t successful, let them know  that there are several options that you need to offer, to see  which one is best suited for them.

    When asked for the price after you have given your presentation,  is also a critical point in the sale, which must be handled with caution. By asking the price, the customer has control of the conversation. In order to proceed, you must once again gain control.  You must ask your client, if the price was affordable, are they prepared to follow through with the sale now. Show your price and payment options, assume the close, and begin asking minor questions to close the deal.


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  1. Great answer! I like this approach.

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