My Accountant Wants To

April 2, 2010

You expend all your energy on giving the perfect pitch only to be told that they  want  their accountant, lawyer, or Aunt Mary to look over the proposal, before they sign. Although this usually is not the true objection, this scenario could have all been avoided up front. Before beginning your presentation, simply ask them if there is anyone else who will be involved in making the decision to invest in your proposition.

If they are solely responsible for the decision, and this objection does come up, you need to remind them that they told you that no one else needed to be involved. If that doesn’t work, as a compromise, write  the order and add an addendum, (conditional upon accountant’s approval).

If on the other hand they tell you that, so and so, will also need to approve the deal, either reset the meeting so all interested parties can attend or politely excuse yourself as you don’t want to waste your time on a losing proposition.



  1. The “subject to…”close is a good one that works, because it gets the closing momentum back. Needing the approval of a higher authority is usually a stall, and is sometimes used as an effective negotiating gambit (Per Roger Dawson-Negotiating)on the part of the client. Writing it up subject to..my accountant’s review, etc. gets the conversation moving forward again, and then you can tell the accountant (Aunt Mary, etc) that the client has agreed to the proposal, they just value your “opinion.” Often, this cuts through the stall and smokes out the real objection. (Usually,if this occurs, you missed a step in the sales process, as you mentioned earlier.

    • Steve, I see we’ve both had similar experiences with this particular objection. Chuck

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