Death Of A Salesman

March 14, 2010

This is the tricky part of the sale which will determine your sales ability. You’ve established upfront what your product will do for them; yours and your company’s credibility; and that aside from the cost, that they are in a position to go through with the order today.

That said, you  show them the price and how they will finance it. They will let you know if they would prefer to pay cash. This is when they start throwing you all their objections. Relax. After satisfying each objection, keep bringing them back to their commitment that they previously agreed to, that they were in a position to do business today. Continue this closing process until the sale is yours. Happy Selling.



  1. This is completely on target! This is the point where a salesperson needs to relax and regain “their commitment”. Good insight!

    • Leonard, Thanks for commenting.

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