The More You Know The Less You Make

March 3, 2010

Sorry guys and girls. Knowing too much about the product is the quickest way to lose a sale.  You open yourself up to dealing with  objections caused by the customer wanting more knowledge.  Chances are that your product or service is not unique  to the world, and most of your customers know basically what you are selling. Stay away from how your product works. The only thing your customer wants to know is if they are better off owning your product.  Show them how they will pay for it and you have a sale.



  1. Absolutely agree, Chuck!


  2. Nonsense ! If you would disclose more than you need to, THEN I tend to agree.

    But customers are not stupid. With a lot of products you HAVE to know more about it to be able to sell it. You have to know advantages for the customer compared to competitive products and often a small thing is the difference.

    So: know everything, tell what is needed, not more.



  3. Thanks Christine, I didn’t know you knew my sister. We have a similar discussion up on the group Sales Best Practices.

  4. I saw that on your LI profile, Chuck, & wondered ….

    How funny too, that she was just on my call!

    I’m glad we connected.

    Christine Hueber

  5. To make a sale means to build a relationship based on trust and this fundation might be created if the customer will feel confident on the salesperson. Product knowledge gives the salesperson the “expert” position in front of the customer and this way the sale is easier, so I would say more the salesperson knows about the product better while the way how he will deliver this knowledge and transfer to the customer this is what will determine his success,

  6. I see what you are talking about , unless that line of question is asked you could end up boring a customer by trying to explain how or why something works

  7. Wow. “Knowing too much about the product is the quickest way to lose a sale.” Really? I’m going to have to throw a BS flag there. If that’s your sales strategy, you’re in for trouble.

    This blog has no credibility.

  8. Derrick, Thanks for your comments. Customers do not want to hear all the gory details. Just let them know how your product will improve on.the way they are curenty functioning. Sell them on how they can afford it and you will have a sale.

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