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Bring Your Company With You

March 17, 2010

    Whether needed or not, I always try to call the office at least once during every sales call. No need to be ashamed or all alone out there. It adds to your credibility , not detracts from it. The office, (sales manager, technical support, secretary), have saved me countless deals that I would have lost.     

   You need everything at your disposal. That’s what the office is for. It gives the customer another avenue to vent, or clarify some point in your presentation that they were unclear about.   It’s especially useful when checking the availability of possible installation dates or a special offer only the company can authorize.


Death Of A Salesman

March 14, 2010

This is the tricky part of the sale which will determine your sales ability. You’ve established upfront what your product will do for them; yours and your company’s credibility; and that aside from the cost, that they are in a position to go through with the order today.

That said, you  show them the price and how they will finance it. They will let you know if they would prefer to pay cash. This is when they start throwing you all their objections. Relax. After satisfying each objection, keep bringing them back to their commitment that they previously agreed to, that they were in a position to do business today. Continue this closing process until the sale is yours. Happy Selling.


Sales Myth

March 9, 2010

While having passion for your product and  providing a solution for our customer’s needs probably doesn’t deter from making a sale, they are by no means necessary either. All that is needed is to show how your customer can benefit and pay for the product.


More Is Better

March 6, 2010

I never tried to be the best. I just tried to make more presentations than all the rest. I never worried if I would make the sale or not. I just wanted to spend as much time as possible presenting my case. If you’re failing at sales or your production is a bit down, just see more people. One hundred lousy presentations will net you about twelve sales. Three great presentations will net you two. I’ll take twelve over two any day of the week.


The More You Know The Less You Make

March 3, 2010

Sorry guys and girls. Knowing too much about the product is the quickest way to lose a sale.  You open yourself up to dealing with  objections caused by the customer wanting more knowledge.  Chances are that your product or service is not unique  to the world, and most of your customers know basically what you are selling. Stay away from how your product works. The only thing your customer wants to know is if they are better off owning your product.  Show them how they will pay for it and you have a sale.