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Lights Camera Action

February 19, 2010

   The salesperson sets the stage for a sale to occur. Any distractions must be eliminated before beginning your presentation. Yes, that means you must have the TV turned off;  ask to hold all calls; move the location to a more conducive location.     

   Anyone present during the presentation, who is not part of the decision-making process, must tactfully  be asked to leave. They will only sabotage the sale.    Anotherwords, maintain control.


Salespeople Create Sales

February 17, 2010

    Sales are manufactured by the creativity lying within the salesperson’s mind. Everything leading to a sale is scripted as in a beautiful play. All material must be presented in a simple manner with documented proof that the information you provide is accurate.


Sales Game

February 14, 2010

   The parties to the sale are actually indifferent to the outcome of sales presentation. The buyer, even though they purchase your product, does not really know if it will do all that you claim it will do. Even if it does everything you say it will do, are they really better off with it?  

The salesperson, although they want the commission, will survive for another day, even though the sale is not made. The salesperson does not really know if the product will deliver all they say it will, or if the customer is actually better off owning your product.

   That said, let the games begin. The customer  not knowing if your product will benefit them will put up objections to protect themselves, if the product turns out to be ill-advised. However, they do benefit from buying what you have to offer, because they will feel that they are better off  owning something that they didn’t have before.  Knowing this, the salesperson will use all the tricks at their disposal to try to get the customer to agree to purchase what they are selling, because that is what salespeople do.             (S E L L) .


What Is A Sale ?

February 8, 2010

   Lets face it, your customer neither needs your product, or can buy it from someone else. The only thing enabling or preventing the sale is you, the salesperson. Convince your customer that they are better off owning your product, then you have a sale.