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Handling Objections Options

December 24, 2009

Have a few options available to answer objections as they come up. That will let you know if that is their real objection or just ” blowing smoke “ ).


Staying Power

December 21, 2009

Some sales take longer than others. Don’t be in a rush. Hang in there . take your time. Patience wins in this case. http://funtakkicon1.twitter .com


Middle Initial

December 20, 2009

Never ask a yes or no question to close a sale. Rather ask an inconsequential question to seal the deal. Instead of  asking the customer if they want what you are offering,  ask them for their middle initial. When they give you their initial , write it down and you fave the sale.


Handling Objections

December 17, 2009

    Few sales are made without objections. Order takers are used  for this type of sales. They pay $8/hour. Objections are the customer’s request for more informatrinon . Give it and ask for the order.


Time Wasted

December 11, 2009

   The succcess of the salesperson is determined by the amount of time spent in front of a prospective customer. The salesperson’s day is geared towards spending as much time as possible in front of customers. All efforts should be made to this effect.


Expect The Best

December 6, 2009

Successful salesman share the undying view that there isn’t anything that they can’t do. there ” in the zone”. Full of confidence, with an inner strength that they can accomplish anything they want. Everyone has setbacks, but their overriding confidence pull s the through any and all obstacles.


Rejection Causes Salesman To Quit

December 4, 2009

   Salesman quit because of the rejection they get during their sales calls. Failure is necessary in the sales process and is the key to sales. All salespeople have a sales closing percentage, ( some are higher than others). There is no such thing as a salesman who closes all sales. The proper attitude is needed to be a successful salesman. Simply put, don’t let the rejection bother you. Easier said than done? Really! This is it. Take it to the bank.