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Friends Make Sales

November 29, 2009

Try to relate to your prospective customer as a friend. Unless they like you, they won’t buy from you. I feel a better accomplishment knowing that I made a friend than a sale. In the long run, the sales will come. The customer will resist you if your only intent is to make a sale.


When Do Salesman Vacation?

November 27, 2009

   Salesman take vacations when they are having trouble overcomming a particular objection. Time off, away form the stress of the office, is needed to figure out a way to overcome the objection that you are having trouble with. Book a hotel room in one of your favorite cities. Go alone or bring a friend. It may take three hours or three weeks. Don’t come back until you figured it out. Treat yourself. Take yourself out to the finest restautants and drink your favorite wine.  Keep going back to the problem which caused you to take a vacation. When you come back refreshed and solution in hand, your sales will be at a record pace.


Sales Preparedness

November 26, 2009

   Have everything necessary when making sales calls. Every objection needs to be overcome. All sales tools, graphs and infomation, which have closed past sales must be on hand, to be used when needed. Sales forms!!!  Carry enough so that if everyone is buying, you will have enough to last you for a month.


Buy What Their Selling

November 23, 2009

    Many times during the course of your sales demonstration, your customer will let you know that he is also selling something. Buy it with enthusiasm, he’ll do the same for you.


Dress For Success

November 18, 2009

Dress no better than the person you are trying to sell.


Nerves Of Steel

November 17, 2009

   Sales calls should be enjoyable experiences. What’s the worst that can happen?  The sale is not made. So what! Sales is a numbers game. Seeing lots of people is what makes you sales. It’s not the person you happen to be seeing now, which is important. So, relax, and the sales will flow in.


Contracts As A Sales Tool

November 17, 2009

 Keep hundreds of contracts in your car or office. The contract is your best friend. Fill out as much of the contract as posssible , Before meeting with your client. Use as many contracts as possible during the sales presentation.  I never ask for the sale. I will ask what his middle initial is. If they answer that , the sale is made.